Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Water Quality
Floating Wetland SolutionsReduce N, P, TSS, Pathogens, Metals
Floating Wetland SolutionsImprove Oxygen and Reduce B.O.D.
Floating Wetland SolutionsRestore Habitat and Fisheries
Floating Wetland SolutionsEarth Friendly and Sustainable

Highly Customized & Engineered Solutions

We are a material and engineering based company capable of highly customized and unique product/system designs.

Customized shape with planting levels
Highly Customized Shape with Multiple Planting Levels
Rock structure
Custom Floating Island Supporting Rock-like Structure


Underwater biofilter
BioFilter Under Water

Aerobic Digester

Brown Digester Core
Engineered Digester Core
Engineered Digester Core
Engineered Digester Core
Graphic of a Aerobic Digester
Digester Under Water Graphic
Underwater Digester
Digester Under Water